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3-4 Years Old


Combo Class

3-4 years old

Combo is our most popular class. In this class, we do ballet, tap, and gymnastics. It introduces them to both dance and gymnastics. We cover all motor skills such as hopping, skipping, and jumping with basic ballet positions and beginner movement and rhythms.




3-4 years old

In this class, students will learn cheers, chants, and across the floor spiriting along with some jazz and hip-hop dance. We end the class with gymnastics. If your child is active, energetic, and has interest in becoming a cheerleader, this is the perfect class.




3-4 years old

Tumbling for all age groups involve basics such as forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels and progresses to advanced tumbling skills such as back handsprings, back tucks. The studio is filled with state of the art equipment to maximize a student’s work out.



Broadway Babies

3-5 years old

This fun ballet & jazz class incorporates technique, showmanship, and props to teach our little ones rhythm and movement.


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